BCL Meeting Minutes for May 11, 2010

Bayview Civic League Minutes
May 11, 2010
Norfolk, VA
Call to Order
Meeting called to order by Linda Lundquist, president, @ 7: 33 p.m. The Pledge was led by Sam Maddox.

CRO Report
Ofc. Snyder introduced his new partner Chip Lewis and reported 30 official incidents in the Bayview area. Ten were vandalisms. He asked for increased vigilance for possible curfew violators in the upcoming warmer months. Chip Davis told members a little about himself.

Captain Mitchell was in attendance to announce his upcoming retirement from NPD to head up the Eastern Virginia Medical School’s police force. He reassured membership that the city’s budget cuts will not produce a negative change in police activities. He thanked the league for its partnership and support during his tenure.

Aaron reported the nominating committee’s slate of candidates for the 2010-2011 league year:

Linda Lundquist—President
Aaron Ellis—1
st Vice-President
Claire Jones—2nd Vice-President
Sam Maddox—Sergeant-at-Arms
Susan Jones—Corresponding Secretary
Sylvia Ross—Recording Secretary
Gena Goodnough—Treasurer
Jeannie Wilson—Editor

New Committee chairs were also introduced:

Laura Brown—Youth & Recreation
Jon Gaul & Sara Barbarisi—SACCC
Jenna Sells—Environment & Beautification
Cindy Huffman—Education & Legislation

The slate was accepted unopposed by membership and will be voted on and inducted in June’s meeting.

April’s minutes are on the league’s website

Wayne Green, Norfolk Neighborhood Preservation:
Mr. Green began by complimenting the league for the looks of the neighborhood. He promised a seamless response to citizen concerns and summarized the measures being implemented to improve accountability. All the zoning and code issues will be documented into the call center, routed to the correct department, and assigned a case number. Residents need to call Norfolk Cares at (757) 664-6510. He also mentioned how callers can check the progress of their reports via the Norfolk Cares website.

Mr. Green talked about some of the measures his department will take in a few common situations. He also reminded people that the city does not reveal the complainant’s identity to the people whom they check on.

He offered his cell phone (757) 651-6637 and email
wayne.green@norfolk.gov , but he urged people not to abuse the privilege. They should utilize the system first and use him only as a last resort.

Linda reminded those in attendance about the annual summer picnic scheduled for Sunday, Aug 1
BCL sponsored the OV Summer Fest for 2010
The 22
nd annual Clean the Bay Day is June 5
OV Music Sundays & Fridays are about to begin
The Ways & Means committee is eager for a chair, as are a few other league committees
Membership included 37 in attendance, including new members Felix and Melina Talamantes.
Refreshments were acknowledged
Cake raffle was won by Glenda Mulling and Aaron Ellis (which he presented to Wayne Green), and 2 Homearama tickets were won by Jeanne Wilson (which she presented to Claire Jones).

Meeting adjourned at 8:50 p.m.
prepared & submitted by
Sylvia Ross, Recording Sec’y